Is Sugar bad for health.

is sugar bad for health?

Sugar can be used in many things it is used to make something sweet and its taste is sweet. it is so sweet in taste but even high in calories and it is one of the most used things in the world.

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So there are many kinds of sugar in the world which includes white sugar and brown sugar and many more. As I want to say is that you should decrease the consumption of sugar because it is not good for our health and can cause you many problems.

 Sugar is made from sugarcane and if you want to eat some sweet then you should eat some fruits because it contains natural sweetness or there is a more thing which can be consumed instead of sugar is jaggery which is also made sugarcane but made through less chemical process compare to that of white sugar so if want to eat sweet than eat jaggery because it is healthier than sugar. So you can easily do weight loss.

By eating sugar, your blood may become thicker, so it may be a bad thing for you because if your blood becomes thicker than your heart it is very hard to pump your blood. Your chances of getting heart disease increase you may suffer from a heart attack also. So please consume less sugar or replace it with some healthy things.

The people who are suffering from diabetes shall not eat sugar it may be bad for your body. Sugar can be also used as a scrub mixing with other things will make it better e.g. mixing tomatoes with sugar can be used as a scrub, scrubbing means removal of dead skin cells from your body or skin. That can also be said as exfoliation.

Sugar is also used in one of the most popular beverages in the world which are tea and coffeeSo I want to say that please use less sugar in whichever food you use it. That may save you from many problems and good for your health so avoid eating sugar whenever it is possible for you.