Earn money with top 3 survey sites in india.

survey sites that really pay you money for doing the survey.

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Bored of scrolling through Instagram in your free time? Want to make some extra cash to buy the dress you loved? Check out the top paying survey sites in India for making passive income

  • Toluna Influencers
Toluna Influencers credits points for completing the surveys. These points can be cashed out via paypal or you can buy gift vouchers. It has 3 types of Surveys based on the points you can earn and the time needed to complete the survey
  • Flash survey - upto 200 points/ 1-5mins
  • Quick Survey - upto 1400 points/ 6-12 mins
  • Premium Survey - upto 3000 points/ 15-mins
Some surveys even pay upto 15000 points. The best part about Toluna is that it has easy to use app to complete the surveys. 
  1. Pay per Survey - 200 to 15000 points
  2. Time Duration - 5-25 mins
  3. Payment Methods - Paypal, Gift Cards
  4. Minimum points for withdrawal - 19,800 Points

Sign up: Toluna Influencers

  • Life Points
Life points provides less surveys as compared to Toluna but the pay per survey rate is higher than Toluna. 
  1. Pay per Survey - Rs. 50 ~ 150
  2. Time Duration - 15-25 mins
  3. Payment Methods - Paypal, Gift Cards, Donations
  4. Minimum amount for withdrawal - Rs. 400
Sign up: Life points
  • Survey Time
The best part about survey time is that you get paid immediately after completing the survey. Easy to use interface. The main issue with Survey time is that you do not get qualified for most of the surveys.
  1. Pay per Survey - Rs. 35-70
  2. Time Duration - 10-20 mins
  3. Payment Methods - Paypal, Coin Base, Amazon Vouchers
  4. Minimum amount for withdrawal - No minimum amount

Sign up: Survey Time

Above mentioned survey sites actually pay. You can easily earn up to Rs. 1500 per month from above mentioned sites. Go check the reviews on Trust pilot

There are many other survey sites but you generally do not qualify for most of the surveys. You can still check it out as the surveys are usually based on demographics so it works differently for all.

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